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Truck Fleet Services to Keep Your Fleet Running


Starting a business utilizing trucks or other vehicles to transport goods and deliver services can be tedious to maintain. Hence, truck fleet services are important to keep those trucks in good shape. At Corporate Fleet Vehicles, we have an extensive vehicle maintenance management program for your fleet because we know how important it is to keep vehicles in tip-top shape.

There are several basic things a truck needs to have in order for general maintenance. This includes having a quality battery, making sure cables and terminals are inspected when needed, along with other things.

For attracting new clients, fleet managers must make sure they deal with any unattractive auto body harm, because even minor harm left to the components can start to rust and cause significant issues for your vehicle.

Reasons for opting for truck fleet services

Good impression

Every company knows they need to make a great impression on clients and customers when they pull up to a home or establishment. This is one of the main reasons why trucks need to be in great shape, free of marks and scratches. A grimy, beat up vehicle could possibly influence a client or potential client to misjudge your company, as they may relate the appearance of your fleet with your quality of service. Believe it or not, people do judge a book by its cover.

Progressive advertisement

Your fleet vehicle is a moving billboard. Part of making a good impression is first recognizing the fact that your truck is offering advertisement to the public – your fleet is continually out on the road for anyone passing by to notice. So it can’t be stressed enough, that people can recall the gouges and scratches, not just the name of the business.

In order to provide a better representation of your commercial fleet truck, it’s necessary that you don’t just focus on what’s under the hood, but cosmetics. This is all a part of truck fleet management.

Some of the maintenance benefits of truck fleet management (depending on the company)

Physical damage repair: This protection ensures your truck and trailer against crash, fire, burglary, hail, windstorm, quake, surge, or vandalism.

Non-trucking obligation: If you are not under dispatch—you’re getting your truck washed or taking it for repairs—this covers you under limited risk assurance.

Engine truck payload protection: This protection is expected to secure the bearer if there should arise any occurrence of lost cargo or harmed products. There is a maximum load restrain per vehicle with this strategy. Also, the premium may differ based on the freight you’re towing.

There are truck fleet services operators, those who are dedicated to offering you a variety of options from purchasing parts to getting services. There are skilled technicians for such fleet services from taking care of bumpers to any other parts that you need to purchase. The security maintenance strategies can make sure that your fleet is in its most favorable condition.

To explore your truck fleet service options with our company, Corporate Fleet Services, please contact us today.

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