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New York County Gains $400,000

New York County Gains $400,000 Savings Thanks to Commercial Truck / Van Lease

Cattaraugus County has gotten a nice boom in their economy. The 78,000-population western New York county saw a new $400,000 savings in their budget after legislatures agreed in a 2017 meeting to go with leasing vehicles for the county, as opposed to purchasing them. The company is working with Enterprise Fleet Management in Rochester, New York, for truck and commercial van leases, which are expected to arrive in April.


  • At least 18 vehicles are expected to be leased by the county.
  • One of the county’s determining factors for the lease were decreased maintenance costs.
  • The lease agreement is for up to five years.


“We’ll give this a try and see if it works. It’s a trial run. We didn’t put all our eggs in one basket. If it works, we may look to expanding into other vehicles,” County Administrator Jack Searles said.


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