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CFS has worked with dozens of industries from around the globe. Here we’ve highlighted several of them that have honored us with their business. Contact us or call to ask if we’ve worked in your industry, government sector, or non-profit area before. Chances are, we have!

Alternative Energy

As an alternative energy business, the fleet you choose represents your company’s brand much more strongly than fleets in other industries. Whether you’re looking for an all-electric fleet, plug-in hybrid electric, or traditional ICE vehicles, CFS has helped all types of green industries with their fleets.

The alternative fuel and related industries find themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace, and it’s crucial to take the right steps to manage both the fleet and costs with care.  As the industry keeps evolving, CFS will serve as your trusted partner and advisor on all fleet matters. to ensure your organization is here for the long haul.

Auto Suppliers

Many changes are sweeping the automotive supplier world-government pressure on pollution, alternative energy vehicles, and increased supply chain challenges. It’s imperative for you to keep pace with competitors yet also be ready to pivot for the next change around the corner.

CFS can help keep your fleet running smoothly, ensuring you get the right parts to the right places on time. Based in Michigan, we have over 58 years of experience with the automotive supply industry and its specific needs.


With the right size and number of vehicles in your fleet, you can keep customers comfortable and happy because they’re not waiting around for a ride to their next destination. CFS can help you choose the right fleet for your clientele and locale.

More than most industries, hospitality follows the booms or busts of the local and global economy. CFS can help you manage your fleet and costs no matter where you are in the economic cycle.

Mechanical Services

In the world of HVAC, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors, if your service vehicles aren’t running, you aren’t billing. Let CFS be the one to keep your fleet running smoothly and help reduce fleet expenses that cut into revenue.

Your employees are busy enough trying to fit in all their stops in one day; they don’t want the hassle of saving and submitting receipts for fuel costs. CFS can help you institute a fuel card program that makes it simple to fill up on gas. Plus, it’s a lot easier for you to monitor fuel costs.


Given the ongoing driver shortage in the transportation industry, it only makes sense to acquire the best vehicles in order to attract and retain drivers. CFS wants to be your partner in choosing a fleet that serves you well now and into the future.

Our analytics and reporting technology can help you adapt to the challenges of a rapidly fluctuating economy and demanding consumer expectations. With better fuel cost control and productivity enhancements, you’ll be ready for the next big change in transportation and become a business that fulfills customer’s precise expectations.


Transportation plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s taking patients to appointments at a hospital or a rehab facility, we provide fleet management solutions for non-emergency transportation needs, including wheelchair accessible vehicles. We also work with senior care and assisted living facilities.

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