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Universal Fuel Card Program

Our Fuel Card program is a comprehensive fleet solution that helps you effectively manage spending with universal acceptance, real-time controls, and detailed reporting.

Drivers can hit the road with the flexibility and security they need, while you can control payments through an industry-leading platform. You’ll notice an immediate and significant impact on your bottom line.

How It Works

Each driver in your fleet is issued a fuel card with a vehicle identifier, account number, and expiration date.

Each time your drivers purchase fuel, they are prompted for their driver ID number as well as the mileage on their vehicle. There is no longer a need to save receipts or file expense reports for reimbursement.

You receive a monthly invoice for all fuel purchases on the card, which reduces the need to write checks to many different vendors or drivers.

You receive a monthly report of all fuel purchases by each driver to help you see how your drivers are using their cards.

How You Benefit

The Universal Fuel Card Program establishes controls down to the individual cards to reduce unauthorized purchases. It efficiently consolidates all of your business’s fuel purchases into a single program, reducing your administrative hassle and expense.

Best of all, your drivers enjoy the speed and convenience of fueling without the need for cash, checks, receipts, expense reports and waiting for reimbursement checks!

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