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Fleet Management

When you partner with CFS for fleet management, you have the convenience of an in-house team-without the upkeep and overhead. Since fleet management is our specialty, you will receive the benefits of our 50+ years of experience in the fleet industry.
Initial Consultation
We analyze your needs and create a customized management program for you!
Vehicle Selector List
We use several factors to help determine which vehicles will serve you best.
Vehicle Pricing Summary
You won’t miss a thing with our complete cost breakdown for the vehicles you choose.
Vehicle Ordering & Delivery
We buy only from fleet-minded dealers, and can deliver to your driver’s location!
Bi-Annual Fleet Reviews
We perform overall reviews of your entire fleet so you can stay ahead of any issues.
Support Services
Depending on your needs, you may require services like expense accounting, DMV record checks, and more.

Initial Consultation

During this initial consultation, we analyze the needs of your company and develop a custom management program to match. We create a competitive custom lease rate based on your requirements. We follow our “NO FEE” philosophy to help you in cost savings.

Vehicle Selector List

Along with the you, the client, we determine which vehicles best fit your needs based upon the following factors:
  • Availability
  • Cost
  • Function
  • Image
  • Requirements
  • Reliability
  • Resale Value
Using these variables, we ensure that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Vehicle Pricing Summary

CFS provides you with a complete breakdown of the cost of the vehicles you choose. Vehicle pricing summary includes:
  • Base price
  • Option price
  • Sample rates
  • Standard equipment list provided
  • Total cost

Vehicle Ordering & Delivery

  • CFS uses qualified fleet-minded dealers
  • CFS uses the fleet courtesy delivery system to place your vehicle at the driver’s location
  • When necessary, CFS completes vehicle locates via the manufacturer’s system
  • All vehicles are mechanically inspected and detailed prior to delivery
  • All licensing requirements are provided for your driver’s convenience

Bi-Annual Fleet Reviews

Twice a year, we offer fleet reviews to provide an overall picture of your entire fleet. During this review we can identify problem vehicles, such as those that are over mileage, and work with you to fix any issues.

Our Bi-Annual Review helps forecast upcoming vehicle needs, to ensure vehicles are ordered at the appropriate time to ensure the lowest pricing. Additionally, it is an excellent management tool to better understand your current fleet usage.

Support Services

To help you further improve and streamline fleet management, we also offer:
  • Beyond warranty service assistance
  • Client approval on all used vehicle sales below forecast
  • DMV Record Checks
  • Expense Accounting
  • Fuel Cards
  • Individual used vehicle review
  • Licensing
  • Maintenance & Extended Service Programs
  • Network Management Program (Ask your Account Manager for a complete presentation)
  • No lessor disposal fee
  • Service Assistance
  • Vehicle Reassignment and Transport
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