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Commercial Van Leasing Perks

Commercial Van Lease

Anyone familiar with van leasing and the fleet world is probably well aware of the fact that there are various pros and cons to either leasing or purchasing your fleet.

But today, let’s talk about commercial van leases. For many businesses, vans are the bread and butter of their operations, and it’s their only mode of feasible transportation to clientele.

Here are some of the types of businesses that need vans to operate:

Catering Businesses:

Catering companies need vans to not only transport large food orders, but tables, special cooking utensils and warmers, and even chairs. This special delivery service catering companies offer is what makes them appealing to clients, who don’t have to take on any tedious work of picking up their own food, and setting up their own serving station for their event.

Home Care Aide Businesses:

Home care aide businesses are enterprises that provide home care for the disabled, elderly, or mentally ill. Many of these businesses rely on shuttle vans to transport their clients around to doctor appointments, and group outings. Many of the vans used for these kinds of companies are outfitted for those who are handicapped.

Construction Businesses:

Expected to haul large building materials, heavy machinery, cones, and markers, construction workers are normally dependent upon large trucks and vans to make their jobs possible.

Other businesses known for requiring the utilization of vans are flower companies, medical companies, universities (student shuttles), event planners, police departments, and tour companies.

Because these businesses are service-based, there’s routine transports, which by itself is a regular business expense to the company. This is where fleet lease perks come into play.

Some Commercial Van Leasing Perks

One of the main perks of having a commercial van lease is the fact that your fleet management company will do just that: manage your fleet.

Though there are different terms a business can come to agree on with the fleet company, no fleet business worth their salt will abandon offering this service. Fleet management means you can focus on your business, clients, and bottom line, while we focus on your fleet.

Another major perk is maintenance. Part of managing a fleet is making sure it’s well-maintained. Our company offers a list of services we provide lessees.

These include:

  • Various maintenance plans
  • Customized management plans that fit your business needs
  • Custom statements with no surprise fees
  • And much more.

Overall, van leasing offers companies a myriad of benefits, which includes more freed up cash flow to reinvest back into your company; tax deduction benefits; payments are usually lower than other auto payments; you get a manufacturer’s warranty; access to maintenance and management programs that can save you time and money; the flexibility of easy vehicle trade-ins and upgrades. An additional advantage is having a newer model vehicle that won’t cause as much maintenance hassle as an older vehicle.

Perhaps the greatest perk on leases (unlike outright purchases) are customized to the client’s needs and wants. This means you can have it your way, and change things when needed so your fleet becomes less of a headache and more of an asset.

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