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What are the Best Practices for Fleet Management?

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A fleet is only as good as the manager it has which is why good fleet managers act as the backbone of this industry. From boosting employee retention of drivers to making fleets free of waste and saving money in the long run, a good fleet manager can do it all.

Most of the bigger businesses with the most optimized fleets usually have a great manager at the helm. Additionally, good managers possess certain qualities which make them stand out of the crowd. They’re also responsible for handling many of the business’s issues and more.

1.     Track Everything in Your Fleet

It’s a good idea to track what’s happening in your fleet but this doesn’t just relate to the orders being delivered or scheduled for delivery. Now, it’s a given that fleet managers have to deal with mountains of information. That’s why it’s a good idea to prioritize and also keep track of the following essential areas:

  • Fuel Usage – This is the largest expenditure that a fleet incurs and given the economy, this cost can be pushed higher. Additionally, fuel tracking systems can help managers identify vehicles that are wasting fuel and causing issues.
  • TiresWear and Tear – Tires can cause a lot of wear and tear on the road and they need to be replaced appropriately. A tire tracking system can help ensure the vehicle is road safe and there are no accidents in the event of a commute.
  • BillingProfessionals and Customers – Bills whether they relate to the customer or the maintenance of the vehicles should be properly tracked and sent through to the relevant department.
  • Total Cost of OwnershipTCO – Total cost of ownership is an important area for corporate fleet managers to prioritize as it allows them to track the health of vehicles in their fleet and ensure that they’re not underperforming.

2.     Proactive Maintenance is a Must

All vehicles require maintenance and it is unwise to wait until the vehicle is on its last leg. Proactive maintenance practices ensure that the life of the vehicle is elongated and it runs as smoothly as possible.

Just remember that while proactive maintenance might be more hands-on, you will cut down your overall costs on all your repairs by at least 25%. In comparison, if you’re waiting for the vehicle to stop working completely, it is going to shorten the life of the vehicle by 30%.

3.     Trimming Costs through Smart Changes

It’s a good idea for corporate fleet managers to work with other parties to effectively improve their fleet management system. It can be a great tool for them to effectively boost their overall productivity and enhance output.

Working with a good company for fleet management can also allow them to focus on other areas and streamline their fleet with ease.

Work with the Right Professionals!

To ensure that you’re getting these results, you should work with professionals such as Corporate Fleet Services Inc. With our help, you can streamline fleet management, eradicate many logistic problems, and ensure that your fleet is completely updated and upgraded with ease.

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