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Vehicle Upfitting

Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Vehicle Upfitting is a crucial step in getting your business off the ground, or taking your company to the next level. It entails making changes to your fleet to fit the specific needs of your industry. Upfitting may involve adding ramps, racks, storage compartments, bulkheads, towing capacity, and even alterations to the vehicle’s suspension and chassis.

CFS vehicle upfitting experts can help you transform your fleet. Our professional team has assisted thousands of local companies with numerous truck and van modifications. There is no limit to what we can do when it comes to Vehicle Upfitting. We provide upfitting services across several industries, including healthcare, hospitality, mechanical services, and more.

What Vehicles Can I Upfit?

Corporate Fleet Services offers truck upfitting for light to medium-duty trucks. As well as upfitting utility vans like Mercedes Sprinters or Ford Transits. Our vehicle upfitting services allow you to truly customize your fleet vehicles to optimize your business. We can upfit cargo vans and trucks for any customization for your fleet needs.

Your Fleet, Your Call

Whether you are an HVAC business, landscaping company, snow removal business, construction firm, healthcare provider, or any other local business, CFS can help you make the most of your fleet by customizing it to meet your unique needs. Our Vehicle Upfitting services can make your daily operations more efficient and improve your bottom line.

We can help you secure the perfect vehicle for your business while also offering the lowest fleet upfitting costs. Consequently, opting for our Vehicle Upfitting services can help minimize your initial expenditures by including the cost in your lease rate, providing you with more cash in your budget to spend on other parts of your business.

The CFS team has the expertise, contacts, and know-how to help your company grow!

Allow the professionals at CFS to walk you through the process of upfitting your new or existing fleet. Make an appointment with one of our specialists now to discuss your needs, and begin working on a quote for your next vehicle!

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