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Things to Keep In Mind When Leasing Fleet Vehicles for Business

Leasing fleet vehicles for your business can be an excellent move. Instead of buying expensive cars and having to worry about maintenance, repairs, and insurance, you can devote your time on your business and let the lessor handle all that. Leasing fleet vehicles allows you to lower costs. It is often cheaper to lease than to buy, and your lease expenses are tax deductible. So when you start looking for fleet vehicles to lease, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Driver – Who will be driving the leased vehicles? If there will be multiple drivers for just one vehicle, you might want to choose a car that with adjustable seat settings. You might want to go for simpler cars without extras, as vehicles driven by multiple drivers tend to get more scratches and dents.
  • Usage – Estimate the number of miles the vehicle will be used so you can choose an appropriate model. You also have to determine if the vehicles will simply be used within the city or for long-haul drives.
  • Cargo Space– Do you need to deliver products to customers? Consider getting a vehicle with a large cargo space. If it’s simply for transporting clients, a sedan will do.
  • Fees – Some lessors are notorious for hidden charges, and you’ll be surprised when you get the bill. The best thing to do is to have everything written down. Read the contract carefully before signing it.
  • Custom solutions – Not all lessors are equipped to meet different needs. Opt for a lessor that can supply you with the right kind of vehicles whether you need 10 or just one.
  • Corporate values – If your company promotes going green, then you should lease environment-friendly vehicles or hybrids.
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