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commercial fleet services with no hidden fees or surprise surcharges.


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We partnered with Corporate Fleet Services to develop a custom vehicle program from the ground up. Corporate Fleet Services handles the vehicle selection for our drivers, ordering and delivery, graphics installation and registration renewals for our fleet across the country. We would highly recommend them as a vehicle leasing partner.

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Location: National

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Corporate Fleet Services has been great to work with in locating vehicles, coordinating upfits and creating the best lease structures for our business. Their transparent pricing, no fee structure, and Maintenance Management program has allowed us to properly budget for fleet expenses.

HVAC Contractor

Location: Michigan

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We transitioned to Corporate Fleet Services once their team educated us on the numerous fees we were paying with our previous fleet management company. After a consultation, it was clear that the true cost of ownership with our former vendor was far greater than we realized. Having a dedicated Account Manager as our point of contact solidified our decision.

Auto Supplier

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Answer: CFS will help you cut costs and save money


Nowadays, cutting costs is top of mind, and an experienced fleet management company will accomplish that. You don’t even have to hire an internal fleet management team to save your business money. Here’s why:

CFS has a “no fee” policy! (More on this below.) 

  • We apply all available fleet discounts, rebates, and incentives provided by manufacturers to your monthly lease rate.
  • As part of Our Universal Fuel Card Program, you receive a consolidated invoice of your drivers,  pay the best-negotiated pricing for fuel (see PDF of most recent PDF marketing material)
  • When you join our Maintenance Management Program, certified technicians review the work beforehand to prevent unnecessary repairs and ensure competitive pricing.
  • If any repair work is performed under manufacturer warranty, we make sure the service charges are reimbursed. 
  • We’ll find the best fleet vehicles with the best price for your business, with great reliability and resale value.

Answer: CFS will drastically reduce wasted time and frustration.

You will discover that your job is much more pleasant when CFS takes over tasks such as:

  • Selecting the make and model of the fleet vehicles that are the best fit your business’s needs.
  • Locating the lowest-priced fleet vehicles with the best financing and resale value.
  • Handling the purchase and delivery of fleet vehicles. 
  • Facilitating vehicle upfits and graphics installation
  • Tracking the required maintenance of fleet vehicles.
  • Managing the licensing requirements for fleet vehicles.

In addition, under our Maintenance Management Program, we submit all charges to you on one bill, drastically reducing the time you spend with accounts payable tasks.

Answer: Plenty of reasons!

Our clients receive many other benefits when they work with us! These benefits are harder to quantify, but they definitely fall in the “less stress, no hassle” category:

  • A dedicated Account Manager who is your single source of contact for sales and support. 
  • A customized vehicle Maintenance Management Program. It’s based on an analysis of your business and needs, so you are never charged for services you don’t need or want.
  • A detailed report each month listing maintenance costs for each vehicle. 
  • Twice-yearly reviews of your entire fleet (for example, mileage check, maintenance cost review, residual risk analysis).
  • As part of the Maintenance Management Program, your drivers don’t need to save receipts, file expense reports, or wait for reimbursement.
  • Vehicles that are mechanically inspected and detailed before delivery (this might be hard to verify for CD situations, although obviously they should be with the PDI)

The Numbers and the Experience –
Any Industry, Any Vehicle,
Any Manufacturer

Why You Can Trust CFS with Your Fleet

Founded in 1963 – Over 58 years in business with 2 offices locations in the US and growing.

Here’s just a small fraction of the dozens of industries we’ve served by helping clients purchase, maintain, and manage many different types of vehicles from dozens of manufacturers.
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If you don’t see your industry, vehicle type, or make listed here, contact us to ask – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how extensive our experience is!

Did You know...?

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Many of our competitors charge various fees without making it clear to their new customers up front.

We encourage you to save this list as part of your fleet management company research. Even if you don’t choose CFS as your fleet management partner, we want you to know what to avoid!

“It is our goal to be a breath of fresh air in this world of spiraling fees.”

- Pete Stevens, Vice President

What Makes Corporate Fleet Services

Reliable And Efficient?

Connections Around Planet Earth

We’ve had significant experience working with many different sizes and types of businesses. Our ability to construct creative financial solutions for these organizations has helped launch them to a new level – far ahead of their competitors.

Corporate Consultant

Our Insights

Unlike other fleet management businesses that seem to sprout out of nowhere, CFS has a long history in the automotive and fleet management services industries. CFS has survived and thrived across 10 presidencies and 7 recessions.

Our experiences in weathering differing economies means we know how to help your fleet flourish in the good times and manage costs in the bad times (and vice versa).  

Our Relationships

Corporate Fleet Services has multiple office locations in the U.S.A. our corporate location is just minutes from Detroit, Michigan. This location is the natural fit for a fleet services company; we’ve spent decades building a network of relationships and partnerships with the biggest and best vehicle manufacturers and vendors.

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Our Services

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The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can have your fleet running like a well-oiled machine!

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