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How Fleet Graphics Can Help Your Business Grow


If you haven’t heard of fleet graphics, you’re not alone. Yet fleet graphics can be the very most effective form of advertising and marketing in existence. How can that be so? Fleet graphics are all those images and captions which are placed on the sides of vehicles where they can easily be seen by other drivers.

When you unify your fleet graphics, even for a small fleet of vehicles, it can seem to the general population like your vehicles are everywhere at once. And when you consider the cost – something like $44 per million views – it is easily the best value for your money.

Given how competitive today’s marketing and advertising world is, that can be a huge boost for your business. Continue reading below to find out how fleet graphics can help your business thrive and reach new levels.

Vehicle Wraps 

The preferred method of applying these image and text combinations are by using vehicle wraps, i.e. vinyl wraps that are easily affixed to whatever vehicle you’re using. When these wraps are applied to your fleet vehicles, they instantly become entertainment on the highways.

Most other drivers will strain their necks to see the brightly colored images and text on the side of your vehicle. When you stop at a red light, it will be an involuntary necessity for drivers to check out what’s on their vehicle doors. No matter what else drivers might be doing, they’re almost forced by curiosity to take a look at what’s written and displayed on your vehicle.

They have the lowest cost-per-impression of any type of advertising, and when you add to that the fact that they’re extremely memorable, they easily surpass all other advertising modes, even billboards, and signs. If you don’t give vehicle wraps a try, you’ll be missing out on something that can actually help to level the playing field between your small business and some of the larger enterprises in your area.

The great thing about vehicle wraps is that they can literally be affixed to any kind of vehicle you have, so that means all your company vehicles are fair game for this unique form of advertising.


Variety Is Good


Your vehicles don’t have to be carbon copies of each other in order to be effective. In fact, a little variety among your vehicles is probably better. Regardless of the kind of vehicle you apply your wrap to, they’ll all be carrying the same message, which is to promote your business locally.

And you don’t need to have a huge fleet of 100 vehicles driving around town, announcing your business. You can use just two or three vehicles to make a big impression in your community, provided that those vehicles are fairly active in gaining exposure for your business. It has been found that using a single vehicle with a wrap can garner from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a single day.

What other form of advertising will get you that many views? With all your vehicles promoting your brand and talking about your business, it will definitely increase the curiosity and interest levels in your town, and that will all be positive branding for you. Of course, after you’ve attracted all these new customers, you’ll have to back it up with great products and great service, but the hard part will have been achieved.

In this day and age, it’s just hard to get your message heard in the first place, especially amongst all the competition. Vehicle wraps overcome this obstacle by making sure your message is seen and your business is promoted.


Benefits of Fleet Graphics

If you’re not convinced about wrapping your fleet yet, just consider some of the many benefits it brings to a small business:

  • long-lasting– any other form of advertising might be gone in a flash, the instant the radio is turned off, but fleet graphics hang around for quite a while. When properly applied, and under fairly normal weather conditions, most vehicle wraps will stay in place without fading, cracking, or peeling for five years or more.
  • big impact on the local market– your fleet vehicles will be going where your customers are, and that’s half the battle right there. Any time you send a fleet vehicle out on a job, all the neighbors will be watching, and they’ll all see your message proudly displayed on the side of the vehicle. Every one of these viewers is a potential new customer.
  • good first impression– the fact that vehicle wrap gets applied professionally, and looks very appealing, provides an excellent first impression to anyone viewing it. By association, that gives people a highly positive impression of your business, and that’s always a good thing.
  • 24/7 promotion– this kind of advertising can be used around the clock, and all that adds up as good press for your company. Even if your vehicles are parked somewhere, they’ll be seen by everyone who drives by. No effort is involved, and still, your company is being promoted every hour that they’re out in public somewhere.
  • easily replaceable– if anything about your business changes, it’s very easy to simply make up new vehicle wrap and replace the outdated version. You can even apply a special wrap to announce a new business discount or price savings to customers. Limited-time offers can also be announced, just by changing the vehicle wrap for the duration of the offer.
  • consumer-friendly advertising– unlike some forms of advertising such as pop-up ads on your computer, vehicle wraps will not incur the animosity of viewers. They’re simply there, and viewers will always have the option to look and read, or to ignore them. But virtually no one will ignore the graphics, especially if you make them visually appealing.
  • fantastic return on investment – according to a study by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, 96% of the customers say that mobile advertising (from cars, vans, trailers, etc) is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. You just can’t beat a return like that!
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