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Exploring Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

In an environment with rising gasoline prices, propane could offer a viable option for fleet managers looking for an alternative fuel source. If you have a diesel-fueled fleet, you know all the additional costly expenses that come with today’s diesel technology. Propane autogas will empower you to save more over time by offering a lower total cost-of-ownership.

Propane autogas has the power to transform your fleet. Businesses and government organizations of all sizes have discovered that propane autogas vehicles deliver the lowest total-cost-of-ownership of any fuel. If you’re looking to make an impact to your bottom line, explore the possibilities of propane autogas.



  • The actual price of wholesale propane is between the price of oil and natural gas
  • Fleets need to modify the engine to use propane
  • There have been dramatic improvements in propane engine in the past decade
  • Propane’s high octane rating leads to improved engine life compared to gasoline

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