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Corporate Fleet Services Announces New Comfort Plan Lease

DETROIT – February 25, 2015 — Corporate Fleet Services, a pioneer in leasing vehicles without any service fees, has announced a new “Comfort Plan” program to provide small and medium businesses with cars, trucks or vans with a comprehensive nationwide vehicle maintenance program and peace of mind for a fixed monthly payment.

Corporate Fleet Services Vice President and General Manager Michael B. Stevens says the company is now offering total vehicle maintenance services as part of a new leasing program that allows companies to lease vehicles, have access to 70,000 maintenance locations across the country for routine service or repair work with walk-away leases and no re-sale risk.

“All of us at Corporate Fleet Services are excited to be able to offer our clients the peace of mind of ‘Comfort Plan’ knowing their vehicles leased through us are covered for routine maintenance and all needed repairs for the life of the lease under a single monthly payment program,” said Stevens. “No surprise fees and a no-hassle walk away lease at the end of the vehicle lease term.”

Stevens stated that this exclusive program offers small business owners (10 vehicles and under) and medium businesses (300 vehicles or less) options to lease any make or model vehicle and receive the nationwide service plan usually limited to major corporations. Corporate Fleet Services is offering small and mid-sized businesses all-inclusive lease solutions that are industry leading and generally reserved for only the largest corporations.

Stevens explained that the Comfort Plan also provides businesses with:

  • A credit line for room to grow vehicle fleets as needed
  • Access to almost 70,000 maintenance locations across the country
  • Fixed monthly vehicle payment – No Fees added or asterisks
  • Fuel cards that are accepted at 180,000 U.S. locations
  • Emergency Roadside Service 24/7/365 — locked keys, flat tire, out of gas or accident. One call service.
  • End of lease walk away terms or you may elect to keep leasing or purchase – you hold the keys.

Corporate Fleet Services introduces new comprehensive lease through Comfort Plan

“We have been a pioneer in leasing vehicles to small and medium businesses since 1963,” said Stevens. “We have customers in the metro Detroit area and serve clients in all 50 states and Canada. Detroit’s resurgence post-bankruptcy will be led by small and mid-sized businesses and we want to offer this comprehensive lease program to entrepreneurs here and across America.”

“At CFS it’s always been about doing the right thing for our clients, starting with the honesty of No fees for services — fees virtually every other leasing company charges. Another key differentiator is our passion to serve our clients with real people who answer the phones and take care of business because they care first for our clients,” said Stevens. “You cannot get this combination of lease innovation, customer service and no fee guarantee anywhere else – that’s the CFS difference.”

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