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The Future Of Fleet Services

The rise of cloud computing along with the integration of a tremendous number of devices in the vehicle industry is rapidly promoting the rise of the Internet of Things, in terms of the fleet services and management market. Several major processes have been impacted heavily by this technological advance, including driver behavior, logistics, fuel efficiency, […]

Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

Exploring Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

In an environment with rising gasoline prices, propane could offer a viable option for fleet managers looking for an alternative fuel source. If you have a diesel-fueled fleet, you know all the additional costly expenses that come with today’s diesel technology. Propane autogas will empower you to save more over time by offering a lower […]

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Importance of Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

Tires are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Tires affect vehicle handling, ride, braking, and safety. For optimum performance, tires must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, balance and the wheels of the vehicle must be properly aligned. Checking the tires on a regular basis is an […]


Corporate Auto Lease: Things to Consider

It makes sense to assume that if you’ve decided to lease your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you’ve already heard about the advantages of doing so. A corporate auto lease offers a myriad of benefits, which includes more freed up cash flow to reinvest back into your company, tax deduction benefits, payments are usually lower […]

Future of Car Fleets: Uber’s Ambitious Partnership with Volvo

Corporate Fleet Vehicle Safety

One of the most important aspects of renting or leasing is corporate fleet vehicle safety. Driver safety in the workforce is top priority, and a corporate fleet vehicle is one of the most reliable vehicles any business could have. In a 2017 article published in the New York Times, it was reported that U.S. traffic deaths […]

Tips for Finding the Best Corporate Fleet Vehicle Leasing Service

Corporate fleet vehicle leasing can save you a lot of money. If you are looking for the best corporate fleet vehicle leasing service, here are some tips to keep in mind: Shop around – If you go for the first leasing service you find, you’ll never know if they are overcharging or not. It’s best […]

Things to Keep In Mind When Leasing Fleet Vehicles for Business

Leasing fleet vehicles for your business can be an excellent move. Instead of buying expensive cars and having to worry about maintenance, repairs, and insurance, you can devote your time on your business and let the lessor handle all that. Leasing fleet vehicles allows you to lower costs. It is often cheaper to lease than […]

Will interest rates rise? How will a spike impact vehicle leases or purchases?

The Federal Reserve has held interest rates near zero since December of 2008. The FED has indicated it would raise the interest rates in September and held off on taking any action due to global economic factors. Within the FED itself there is considerable debate on “when” to raise interest rates and by how much. […]

8th Annual 14-mile swim across Lake St. Clair to raise funds for cystic fibrosis sponsored by Corporate Fleet Services

GROSSE POINTE SHORES —On July 30—for the eighth year in a row—an adventurous group of a dozen swimmers braved winds gusting to 30 knots and temperatures in the 90s under a scorching sun as they embarked on a 14.2-mile swim across Lake St. Clair.   Their plan was to drop into the water just south […]

Corporate Fleet Services Announces New Comfort Plan Lease

DETROIT – February 25, 2015 — Corporate Fleet Services, a pioneer in leasing vehicles without any service fees, has announced a new “Comfort Plan” program to provide small and medium businesses with cars, trucks or vans with a comprehensive nationwide vehicle maintenance program and peace of mind for a fixed monthly payment. Corporate Fleet Services […]