The Best Ways to Electrify your Fleet Vehicles

Anyway you look at it, fleet electrification is the wave of the future. The total ownership cost for electric vehicles is far lower than that of internal combustion engines and that’s without even considering rebates, grants, or any other kind of incentives. It’s also the responsible thing to do for the environment, especially in this […]

Fleet Telematics

Upcoming Trends for Fleet Telematics In The USA

Fleet telematics has been around since 2010, but it has now occupied center stage in the transportation industry, in large part due to the pandemic. Advancements in telematics and GPS tracking technology are continuing to become more sophisticated, while improving efficiencies, minimizing costs, and improving driver safety. With the outbreak of the pandemic, fleet industries […]

Fleet Management Operations

How To Improve Your Fleet Management Operations

It can be a very exciting prospect to start up a fleet management operations company. But making a profit from your business and getting a leg up on the competition is always a challenge. Even if you’ve got some great ideas for starting up your business, it can be difficult to convert those ideas into […]

fleet management system

How Does A Fleet Management System Work?

A fleet management system generally comprises a digital platform that is used for monitoring and managing all those vehicles and personnel associated with your company’s cars or trucks, and sometimes even vans. It operates much like a centralized dashboard that company managers can use to make important business decisions, gain insights and analytics in real-time, […]

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions To Kick Off 2021

Any company which uses commercial vehicles in the conduct of its operations has a fleet, and the company will need some kind of strategy to manage that fleet, in order to avoid chaos and excessive expenditures on fuel costs and driving destinations. Fleet management solutions will help you to ensure that your fleet is at […]

Fleet Management Trends

Upcoming Fleet Management Trends To Keep An Eye On

In recent years, fleet management has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, and it continues to grow in significance concerning the world of transportation. Although the fleet management industry has been around for a long time, new technology has made it much more efficient in recent years. Good fleet management software can make it much […]

Fleet Management Software

Everything You Should Know About Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is big business in this country, and if you have any doubt about that, you should take a glance at the most recent report on it from MarketsandMarkets, which monitors the fleet management market in this country. The industry as a whole is expected to grow from approximately $20 billion in the […]

Fleet Management

What Is Fleet Management?

Organizations that use company vehicles driven by employees will always have some kind of fleet management program in place, to monitor the usage of those vehicles. The purpose of any fleet management program is to keep tabs on the performance of vehicles in the fleet, as well as all maintenance which is done to those […]

Commercial Fleet Services

Benefits of Commercial Fleet Services For Your Business

One of the company’s most valuable resources is its fleet of vehicles, those being all the cars and trucks needed to carry out transportation needs for the business. When you consider fuel costs, maintenance costs, and acquisitions of the vehicles themselves, it’s easy to see how there’s a considerable investment in the company fleet. Since […]

fleet management

What Does Fleet Management Really Means

Optimizing fleet management is very crucial for companies that operate fleets of vehicles and mobile workforce. It is a business activity that is, in most cases, overlooked and can have a significant impact on the business. It is mostly true for small businesses in which the owners make the management resolutions. This article analyzes all […]