Commercial Vehicle

What You Need To Know About The Commercial Vehicle Denomination

You’ve heard the term ‘commercial vehicle’ a thousand times before – but do you really know what it means? What makes a commercial vehicle different from a personal use vehicle? Is there any real difference at all? Maybe until now, you’ve always thought of commercial vehicles as those big tractor-trailers on the road that always […]


What Is Vehicle Upfitting And How It Can Benefit Your Business?

If you haven’t heard the term upfitting before, it refers to a group of vehicle enhancements or accessories customized to accommodate the owner’s actual needs. Contractor vehicles such as commercial vans or fleet vehicles apply most upfits so that company employees can make use of them on the job. Some different types of upfits include […]

Buy Fleet Vehicles

Tips To Buy Fleet Vehicles For The First Time

If you’re a business owner or the manager of a business fleet looking to buy fleet vehicles, you won’t have time to sift through all the hype which is normally associated with shopping for vehicles. Whether you’re looking to purchase large delivery trucks, pickup trucks, or service vans, you’ll want to purchase the very best […]

car leasing

Car Leasing Checklist For Small Businesses

There is a number of factors that make leasing cars for your business a highly advantageous practice, starting with the attractive monthly costs and the ability to switch cars often, so as to keep up with the latest technology and safety features. However, some other factors have to be considered as well in order to […]

Business Van Lease

All You Need To Know About Getting A Business Van Lease

One of the biggest advantages of obtaining a business van lease is that you’ll always be working with a relatively new vehicle, which means you’ll stay abreast of emerging technology and any new safety features. Leasing a business van may not be the right choice for everyone, but it can certainly provide some good business […]

Fleet Lease

How Does A Fleet Lease Work?

  Business owners are often faced with the decision of whether to get a fleet lease or to purchase them outright. It’s not always easy to determine whether leasing or buying will be most advantageous for your business. You might have to gather all the information related to finances and the vehicles themselves before making […]

corporate fleet program

Why A Corporate Fleet Program May Be Ideal For You

Many companies employ individuals whose job consists of a strong element of travel, for instance, sales representatives, and these individuals routinely are required to drive to client locations both in and out of state to conduct business. There are really only two ways that this kind of travel can be managed by the company, one […]

corporate fleet vehicle

Buying A Used Corporate Fleet Vehicle

Anyone who has ever been involved with the search for a used vehicle has undoubtedly come across the possibility of purchasing a corporate fleet vehicle, and you may have wondered whether it was safe to make such a purchase. These kinds of cars are usually advertised as a very advantageous deal for the buyer, and […]

truck leasing company

Commercial Truck Leasing vs. Owning: Which One Is The Best?

Commercial truck leasing versus owning is not really a cut-and-dried decision which businesses can make, because the choice depends on several factors. There are financial considerations of course, but those aren’t the only factors that go into decision-making. You also need to consider your trucking routes, seasonality, organizational preferences, the type of operation you have, […]

Commercial vehicle lease

Why You Need A Commercial Vehicle Lease For Your Business?

If you are confused between the lease and purchase option,  you have nothing to worry about. This article will help you to understand the concept, easily enough. Stripped to the very basics, vehicle leasing may be defined as the rental of a vehicle for a certain period. Many automobile dealerships offer vehicle leasing facilities as […]