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Pick Up Leasing For Your Specialized Business

When a company needs to acquire a good reliable work truck, they usually tend to purchase a used vehicle. It’s more affordable in the long run and it provides better value for the business. However, another option that is growing in popularity these days is for companies and contractors to lease their work trucks, rather […]

truck leasing

What Is Truck Leasing?

There is a booming business centered around truck leasing, both for business usage and for personal use, but there are some major differences in how leasing works for these two categories. One of the really great things about truck leasing is that trucks usually have good resale value, and that tends to translate into high […]

How to Avoid Staged Accidents

How to Avoid Staged Accidents

Avoiding Staged Accidents Staged accidents are a form of insurance fraud that is responsible for billions of dollars in bogus claims annually in the United States. This particular type of scam seems to have originated in the U.S. in the late 1990s and has since spread to a number of other global locations such as […]

Truck Leasing

4 Things to Consider When Leasing a Commercial Truck

If you are in need of expanding your business with a truck fleet, then there are two main options for you to consider: Either you can take a loan to purchase the trucks, or you can lease. In both cases there’s benefits, but let’s explore some of the things to consider with commercial truck leasing. […]

Commercial Van Lease

Commercial Van Leasing Perks

Anyone familiar with van leasing and the fleet world is probably well aware of the fact that there are various pros and cons to either leasing or purchasing your fleet. But today, let’s talk about commercial van leases. For many businesses, vans are the bread and butter of their operations, and it’s their only mode […]

New York County Gains $400,000

New York County Gains $400,000 Savings Thanks to Commercial Truck / Van Lease Cattaraugus County has gotten a nice boom in their economy. The 78,000-population western New York county saw a new $400,000 savings in their budget after legislatures agreed in a 2017 meeting to go with leasing vehicles for the county, as opposed to […]